Classic Shooter Goes Live

?Casual? boys soon to be separated from the ?hardcore? men

Posted by Staff
Arguably one of the greatest 2D shoot-em-ups of all time, Ikaruga, is heading to Xbox Live Arcade.

Ikaruga, Treasure?s much loved sch?mup, originally released for Dreamcast and Nintendo Gamecube back in 2003, is just one of those amazing and defiantly, brilliantly hardcore games.

If you are not a hardcore Sega fanboy, then you might need reminding that Ikaruga is the sequel to the Saturn?s Radiant Silvergun.

The game is currently on Partnernet, the Xbox 360 debug network for developers, and we should have a release date, cost and other details for you very soon indeed.

Treasure is also working on a full-price Xbox 360 retail game, which is known, unsurprisingly, to be another shooter.


ghoti 14 Feb 2007 17:24
This is fantastic news. I'll definitely be picking this one up when it's available. I wish they'd do Bangai-o too!
Joji 15 Feb 2007 21:39
Yep, damn good idea but I'll still bag a GC copy to bust out on Wii.

Bangaio was cool and would be welcome, but considering how long Radiant Silvergun has been a rare gaming treat, I feel this is more deserving of being on Live.

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