No PS3s Sold in January says Game Figures

However, PS3 install base is growing on a par with Xbox 360.

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No PS3s Sold in January says Game Figures
UK video games retail chain, Game, has updated its recent AGM details. Along with these come some intriguing Chart-Track (Gfk) figures for console sales in this fine set of countries. Compare these with the figures from January this year and the following 'information' can be noted:

1) No PlayStation 3s were sold first-hand in the entire month of January 2009. We find this one a little difficult to believe, but the figures are there in black and white.

2) However, in terms of install base, the PS3 with 2.2 million units, as of June 27th 2009, in the same position as the Xbox 360 was as of the 28th of June 2008. Given that the 360 had a one year head start, this is not horrible news for Sony's console.

3) In the most recent period (January to June 2009) the Xbox 360 with 600k sales has outdone the rest of the field.

Microsoft Xbox 360: 3.9
Nintendo DS & Lite: 9.1
Nintendo Dsi: 0.3
Nintendo Wii: 5.4
Playstation Portable (PSP): 3.3
Sony Playstation 3: 2.2
Total Install Base:24.2

Microsoft Xbox 360: 3.3
Nintendo DS & Lite: 9
Nintendo Dsi: N/A
Nintendo Wii: 5.1
Playstation Portable (PSP): 3.2
Sony Playstation 3: 1.9
Total Install Base:22.5

Microsoft Xbox 360: 3.2
Nintendo DS & Lite: 8.8
Nintendo Dsi: N/A
Nintendo Wii: 4.9
Playstation Portable (PSP): 3.2
Sony Playstation 3: 1.9
Total Install Base:20.1

Microsoft Xbox 360: 2.2
Nintendo DS & Lite: 6.4
Nintendo Dsi: N/A
Nintendo Wii: 3.1
Playstation Portable (PSP): 2.8
Sony Playstation 3: 1.3
Total Install Base:15.8

Microsoft Xbox 360: 1.9
Nintendo DS & Lite: 5.5
Nintendo Dsi: NA
Nintendo Wii: 2.2
Playstation Portable (PSP): 2.7
Sony Playstation 3: 1
Total Install Base:13.3

Microsoft Xbox 360: 1.8
Nintendo DS & Lite: 5.4
Nintendo Dsi: N/A
Nintendo Wii: 2
Playstation Portable (PSP): 3.4
Sony Playstation 3: 0.9
Total Install Base:12.6


Paul Smith 6 Jul 2009 09:43
"No PlayStation 3s were sold first-hand in the entire month of January 2009"

I know that is a lie as I bought one. Why these companies that compile stats cannot do things honestly I dont know. Surely you should look elsewhere for reliable data given that its your job to report these things.
deleted 6 Jul 2009 10:46
i too bought one for someone and so did a couple of my freinds..
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DOH 6 Jul 2009 11:46
its not rocket science spong 6 Jul 2009 12:44
as DOH says, it just means fewer than 100k were sold in January.
The xbox 360 total only went up by 100k in the same period.
Whats more odd is that the figures say that only 100k Nintendo DS & Lites were sold in almost 6 months.
Mark Wright 6 Jul 2009 18:46
Woe you people are dumb, it says in clear that this is for the company GAME, not all companies all over the world that stock a PS3, they dont sell well but they still sell better than not selling any in a month. And the information is correct, why would they release false data on sales figures? if they did it would only work to hinder their income and revenue.
Jim 10 Jul 2009 21:19
sure you guys did
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