Show me the money!

Microsoft to publish ToeJam and Earl plus Shenmue 2.

Posted by Staff
Microsoft has announced a fresh publishing deal, this time with Sega, to bring ToeJam and Earl III and Shenmue II to the UK. In a deal that surprised many, Microsoft will take the reins from Infogrames, currently Sega’s publishing partner in Europe for Xbox.

It’s also predicted that Shenmue II may prove something of a lemon in the UK, given that it was initially released for Dreamcast over a year ago. However, ToeJam and Earl, with all its swanky online bits and bobs, should prove a winner.

“We are pleased to partner with Xbox and are confident they will do justice to these great titles," said Nagoya Tsurumi, Sega President and COO. "Xbox will provide excellent distribution and marketing support for these titles, both of which have been on many gamers' wish lists for months. We look forward to these titles' success and the continuation of our excellent relationship with Xbox.”

“Sega has been a great partner for us and this agreement is a natural step in the development of our relationship,” stated Xbox Euro chief Michel Cassius. That’ll be a buy-out, then. Start up the rumour mill!


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