Halo 3 Beta Fixed

Bungie grants four days of extra play as an apology

Posted by Staff
Microsoft has fixed the problem preventing gamers from accessing the Halo 3 beta via Crackdown.

Microsoft's mascot (well, Xbox Live director of programming, Larry Hryb) Major Nelson, said, "The team at Microsoft has been working on a software update which went live shortly after 7:00 PM PDT(Pacific Daylight Time) tonight. This update will resolve issues for people using Crackdown to enter the beta.?

The good news is that, by way of apology, the beta is being extended by four days. It will now end on June 10th at 11:59 PM PDT (or June 11th at 7:59am in the UK). Everyone's a winner, then. Perhaps some not as much as gamers who accessed the beta when it launched, but four extra days isn't a bad offering.

The bad news is that the fix won't necessarily be a quick one. Bungie reports on its website, ?Please note that it could take up to four hours for your console to receive this update based on various factors.?

The developer is, however, very apologetic. ?We apologize for the delay and hardships this issue has caused and hope that it quickly becomes a distant memory clouded by good times playing Halo 3 with your friends.? Awww...

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