UK Games Charts - BioShocked as Lara Kicks Gears

No surprise at multiformat #1 from 2K....

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UK Games Charts - BioShocked as Lara Kicks Gears
So, here we go now... a new #1 in the Chart-Track All Formats video game charts of what UK folks are buying in the shops that remain on our ravaged and rapidly emptying High Streets. Yes, those gallant consumers who do not buy from tax-"optimising" online e-tailers have mostly been buying Bioshock Infinite (reviewed here).

Chartrack tells us that, 2K and Irrational's sky-opera, "also sets a record as the biggest week 1 for a Bioshock title with almost nine thousand more sales than predecessor Bioshock 2 which took the No1 back in Week 6 2010. Despite its success it's unable to become 2013's biggest release with Square Enix's Tomb Raider (+45%) in No2 still holding the honour following its release in Week 10. Tomb Raider also sees a strong boost in sales this week with price promotions ensuring it easily holds second place ahead of several other new releases."

Here's the chart...

{NE} - 01 - BioShock Infinite - 2K Games
{02} - 02 - Tomb Raider - Square Enix
{01} - 03 - Gears of War: Judgment - Microsoft
{04} - 04 - FIFA 13 - Electronic Arts
{NE} - 05 - Luigiís Mansion 2 - Nintendo
{NE} - 06 - Army of Two: The Devilís Cartel - Electronic Arts
{10} - 07 - Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Activision
{RE} - 08 - Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 - Electronic Arts
{RE} - 09 - Assassinís Creed III - Ubisoft
{RE} - 10 - Crysis 3 - Electronic Arts

Charttrack also points out that, "It means Gears of War: Judgment (-63%) slips to No3 above EA's FIFA 13 (+86%) which benefits from strong sales to retain the No4 spot. There's a debut at No5 for developer Next Level Games and Luigi's Mansion 2 landing on 3DS. It's the second ghost hunting outing for Mario's little brother following on from Luigi's Mansion which landed at No3 on Nintendo's Game Cube back in Week 18 2002. The first of two new entries for EA in our Top 10 sees Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel land at No6 with just over a hundred sales separating it from Call of Duty: Black Ops II (+67%) in No7. At No8 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 is the second of EA's new releases and along with Crysis 3 (+64%) at No10 it means they have four titles in our Top 10 this week.

"Elsewhere in the chart Wii U exclusive and developer Traveller's Tales new title Lego City Undercover lands at No12. There's also the return of Sly Cooper with developer Sanzaru Games bringing the light fingered raccoon back for his 4th outing in Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time (reviewed here) at No31 for PS3 and Vita."



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