Fable 2 Goes Gold

On track for October

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Fable 2 Goes Gold
Lionhead Studios has announced that its upcoming RPG, Fable 2, is now all golden and good to go.

A posting on the company's website states, "It's been three years since we finished Fable: The Lost Chapters and since then we've built a new engine, built an entire new tools architecture and editor, created a new and compelling story, built and populated a world which is massive compared to the original Fable, attempted highly complex and difficult things.

"We looked at EVERY aspect of Fable 1 reworked, recreated, expanded and got to hang together in (what we think) is an amazing game. Fable 2 has gone gold. You will be able to play it come 21st (US) and 24th (EU) October 2008."

Apparently all the chaps at Lionhead have hangovers cos they went down the pub. SPOnG's not sure if we're meant to feel sorry for them or something...

You can find out more about Fable 2 here.

Source: Lionhead


SuperSaiyan4 23 Sep 2008 12:05
I cannot wait for this game!!! Gonna get me the collectors edition woot! Just 1 month to go.
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