Jimmy Fallon Plays with Project Natal

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Jimmy Fallon Plays with Project Natal
Kudo Tsunoda - Microsoft's on Project Natal creative director (and former studio head at EA Chicago) - has been on telly in the USA showing off the full-body motion control system.

No sign of Milo in this real-life demonstration in front of millions though...

Anyway, Kudo, Jimmy Fallon, and that bloke who plays Tim from the American Office, were played with the system. They were all dressed in red boiler suits - we didn't see the rest of the show, so we don't know if this relates to a skit or if was required to fight the studio lights for Natal.

Fallon and crew - as you can see from the video - are quite frankly very, very, very impressed indeed, most especially with the Burnout Paradise element. See for yourself below:



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