Halo Reaches Out with Latest Action

Lots and lots and lots and lots of space killing!

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Halo Reaches Out with Latest Action
September 14th, eh? Halo Reach to hit this puny planet. Hold on, we don't work for Microsoft's marketing department no matter what it says in the SPOnG podcasts. So, what we have here is a new trailer for the next Halo title.

You should watch it because we've put the effort in to convert it for you. It also comes on the coat-tails of the ComicCon announcement of Halo: Reach: Forge World "a vast new environment" with what we're told is "unlimited creative potential that will allow players to create and share their unique map designs over Xbox LIVE."

Yes, an infinite map world... or something.

Also ComicConned was the 'Firefight Versus' multiplayer mode "that pits a team of player-controlled Elites with Covenant AI support against a team of player-controlled Spartans."

Of course we're excited, but we're British so we're keeping a lid on it.



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