Microsoft Bores CES - but Sells 18 Million Kinects

Steve Ballmer and Ryan Seacrest lead Microsoft's last CES keynote.

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Microsoft Bores CES - but Sells 18 Million Kinects
Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, was "interviewed" by TV 'personality' Ryan Seacrest at CES last night our time in what was the company's last CES keynote. Apparently it was an embarrassing bore-fest.

First up, and as no surprise to anybody, the 'Xbox 720' was not announced. In fact, it was not even hinted at.

Ballmer did state that, "We have a chance in the next year to really raise our game, our product line, to the next level across phones, PCs, tablets, TV, the Xbox and really the heart and soul of that will be our featured attraction tonight, our new Metro interface". That's the interface used only by the Windows Phone 7 right now.

According to The SMH, however, Ballmer did announce Kinect sales figures.

Ballmer claimed that Kinect has so far sold 18million units worldwide. This is a fascinating figure given that at last year's CES, the CEO announced that Kinect had 'shipped' eight million units in its first 60 days on sale.

Also announced for Kinect was its long-awaited launch on PC. MCV Pacific states that, "The PC Kinect will apparently be able to see objects as close to the screen as 50cm due to its 'near mode' without any drop in accuracy", and will launch on February 1st.

We'll leave the last word, according to Asher Moses, to the floor of the keynote though, "One attendee remarked at the end 'thank god it was the last year' reflecting the mood in the audience and of the live bloggers covering the speech."

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