Phantom Dust US hopes dashed as turmoil erupts at MGS Japan

Microsoft denies US conversion.

Posted by Staff
Microsoft Game Studios has announced that its Japanese division?s most important project to-date, Phantom Dust, will not be released in North America. It?s a strange decision, as Phantom Dust will be ready for release in Japan before Christmas, and it?s not the sort of title that would need to fester in the hands of translation and localisation teams before an English-appropriated version could be presented. It?s a fairly standard ?action blaster? set in a dark near-future world, i.e., exactly the type of game that would sell well to an American audience.

As a game that was supposed to increase the Xbox?s appeal in Japan, it is difficult to understand what Microsoft?s motivation could be in sheltering their American fans from it. Perhaps it has the potential to disrupt the targeted sales of other Microsoft Game Studio releases in this period. There has been no mention of a European version, but if the US doesn?t get a look in, it is a fairly unlikely prospect.

We?ll let you know if anything changes with regards to the spectral activity of Phantom Dust.


Joji 4 Jun 2004 11:32
Well I have no idea what MS are thinking here. There is definitely something wrong, when a cool looking game like this is withheld from a large audience. Also with the current trend of various japanese media being popular in the u.s it just screams STUPID IDEA to me.

First this then TRO, what are you thinking MS? It would help if you let you fans know why, or would have been better if you had asked them first. Never mind we know you like to screw your customers over.
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