Xbox 360 Owners Best at Sex - PC Gamers Basically Terrible

Look don't blame us... we've got Amigas

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Righty-ho, in a survey which is about as scientific as all those science research reports that definitely state that video game cause mass murders, it has definitely been proved that Xbox 360s owners are better in the sack than PS3, Wii and especially gamers.

Yes, that's right... 1,747 "gamers’ partners" were asked about how good their mates were in bed and not at sleeping. The responses were like so...

According to ChannelEye who put out... VoucherCodesPro survey results, "Xbox 360 owners accounted for the highest percentage of partners rated as ‘good’, ‘very good’ and ‘excellent’."

The gamer partners were asked, "Which games console does your partner play on most frequently?’ Xbox 360 had 31%. PS3 had 26%. 12% said Wii. 10% said their partners gamed on PC.

For all gamers, "Nearly half of gamers were voted as being only ‘average’ or below." 22% were ‘excellent’.

However, "When broken down proportionally between the most frequently played consoles, it emerged that Xbox 360 owners were the best in the bedroom, with 54 percent of them being described as ‘good’ or above." Only 3% of PC gamers were ‘excellent’.

Don't look at us, we've got Amigas.


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