Xbox 2 pipe

Yadda, yadda, it’s the Xbox 2!

Posted by Staff
Xbox 2 pipe
French newspaper Les Echoes yesterday ran an interview with Bill Gates, fresh from a stint at his secret underground lair. Speaking about the future of the Xbox project, Gates made some uncharacteristically candid remarks about the next generation of the console.

According to Gates, the machine will be some kind of ultimate unit of entertainment and media, complete with full web access and a video editing suite. “The next-generation Xbox will feature digital media capabilities such as video and photo editing in addition to games. It will also allow for Internet capabilities without the need for direct connections through Wi-Fi,” stated Gates.

“Being a new player in this business, we're satisfied with the number two position behind Sony and ahead of Nintendo in the global console market. We think that's particularly significant because software developers have historically only supported the top two platforms. With the launch of Xbox Live, our console provides opportunities that Sony can't match right out of the box.”

So the Xbox project’s metamorphosis into a broadband enabled set-top TV is official. Frankly, we’re surprised it took so long to announce.


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