Microsoft fails to deliver new development kits

Developers left clueless as dev kits fail to materialise

Posted by Staff
Microsoft fails to deliver new development kits
After a somewhat successful Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft has its back to the wall again, in the fight to build and maintain an acceptable level of credibility in the gaming industry and community.

The company has failed to deliver its latest model of the Xbox development kit to any of the 150 plus companies that are intent on producing titles for the machine.

This news could jeopardise both the launch line-up and even the launch itself. Not having enough quality games at launch is a crime that perhaps only Sony can get away with.

Most developers are working with a combination of the early beta dev kit and high end PCs. The plan was to iron out any glitches with the second release of the testing kit, which was planned to be more reflective of the finalised commercially released Xbox hardware.


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