Molyneux: I am 'Awful at Developing Games'

Plus: "Iím famously awful at developing games" says Lionhead boss

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Molyneux: I am 'Awful at Developing Games'
Liondhead head - and Fabled game creator Peter Molyneux has gone and opened his mouth again. This time he's admitted to personal failings. He's stated, "The truth is, I think Iím famously awful at developing games. Before, Iíd walk into the office, wave my arms and say ĎIíve just had a cool thoughtí Ė usually after severe alcohol abuse Ė and that lead us to spending a lot of money very foolishly on things that werenít going to get anywhere."

He is also, apparently, a destroyer of marriages. We've all heard horror stories of games destroying relationships*, but apparently Fable managed to achieve this before the game even left development.

Speaking in an interview over at Develop, Molyneux says, "If you asked me what I was most proud of in Fable 2... Iím most proud of the process. If Iím honest, on Fable we just burnt peopleís lives; we destroyed the team. Week after week, month after month, they worked 50, 60, 70, 80 hour weeks. It destroyed their lives and destroyed their marriages. You just canít do that any more. You canít do it."

Molyneux went on to say that because he led from the front, working 120 hour weeks, staff tended to follow suit. In Fable 2, he says, that largely was not the case.

You can read the first part of the interview in full here.

You can also bring your tales of development woe to the Forum... especially the booze-drenched bits.

* Yeah, we know, we debunked that myth...


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