Xbox 2 and PlayStation 3 in Easter 2004?

Rumour mill explodes as GDC named as unveiling venue.

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Xbox 2 and PlayStation 3 in Easter 2004?
According to a report on CVG, Microsoft is planning to make the first manoeuvre in the next-generation console war that has been brewing at a steady pace for some months, by unveiling the Xbox 2 at next March’s Games Developers Conference.

Mirroring the conception of the Xbox, it is presumed that technical specifications and the first in-house tech demos will be shown, and more importantly, made publically available.

It is now an established fact that preliminary specs have already been released to some developers working closely with Microsoft, however the GDC revelation is, according to the report, going to see the lid lifted off the mystery machine.

And speaking to insiders, it would seem that CVG is on the money with this one. “All my sources indicate the Xbox 2/GDC story is 100 percent,” one said. "We didn’t bother requesting official clarification. There’s only a certain amount of times you can hear, “We don’t comment on rumour or speculation,” before it starts to grate".

Other gossip breaking this morning places a PlayStation 3 announcement hot on the heels of Microsoft’s GDC Xbox 2 showstopper. “I'd guess the specs will be released at a specific Sony event. I doubt it will be at E3. The Xbox 2 thing is safe and Sony wouldn't show against a next-gen Microsoft machine at an American event. It could be disastrous. I reckon the PS3 specs will be announced before E3,” one insider stated this morning.

Indeed, it is thought that a major event, likely to be held in Japan, will be scheduled by Sony, akin to that enjoyed by the PlayStation, where the first tech demos will be shown, and an incredible slew of promises made by Ken Kutaragi.

Back to the Microsoft unveiling, we have heard this morning that Microsoft’s London office has reacted strongly towards the GDC announcement being broken at this time, lending further credibility to the suspected Xbox 2 viewing.

Exciting times indeed. We’ll keep you fully updated with any developments.


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