Xbox 360 USB Support Hacked Already?

Nobody's willing to pay for it though.

Posted by Staff
It only seemed like yesterday that Microsoft released the Xbox 360 system update that allowed USB memory device support. In fact, it was only yesterday. Which makes it all the more surprising that hackers are already claiming to have exploited it.

Data stored on USB devices is protected by security measures that makes it difficult for users to delve in and modify save games and other things on their computers. A hidden folder called 'XBOX360' contains all saved information, but such content is encrypted.

A member of a forum has claimed to have created a program that circumvents these security methods, allowing for the extraction of data to a PC desktop. Such material can then be modified using tools that are already available in the hacking community. You can see images of the program in action above.

It was released publicly to a huge positive response... which turned into anger and despair when the coder decided to sell the program for the bank-bursting sum of 2 GBP. We couldn't help but chortle.

Should the code be legit and spread, it will add extra issues for Microsoft, a company that already has to battle Xbox Live cheaters, game pirates and other shenanigans. All in the name of 'homebrew' you understand.

Whatever happened to the days of the Amiga, when 'homebrew' meant real homemade programs and not illegally playing copied software? We miss Public Domain.


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