Sky Now TV Comes to Xbox Live

On demand telly from SKY

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Sky Now TV Comes to Xbox Live
Once upon a time games consoles were mostly for games. That was then. Today the Xbox 360 (and PS3 but that's another story) is mostly an entertainment centre. Now it's even got Sky-powered Now TV.

That's correct, if you head to the Xbox Live GUI now, you'll be able to get the "app" that enables you to fork over even more cash to watch telly on your Xbox on demand.

The Xbox 360 app has Kinect compatibility to navigate it buy gesturing in a controlled fashion or yelling in uncontrolled fury (we're joshing, you can yell calmly too). HD movies "where available" are on offer at 720i. This will be followed as time goes by with Sky Sports, Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Arts and Sky Living.

There's a 30 day free trial too.

More info... right here.


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