New Blinx and Quantum Redshift unearthed

Microsoft sequels in the pipeline.

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New Blinx and Quantum Redshift unearthed
Microsoftís Xbox games division has revealed that sequels are already in the works for two of the firmís hottest titles.

Blinx: The Time Sweeper 2 is already in production and is poised for release next year. Although the first game received a lukewarm reception, shadowed by the massive hype surrounding it, the game, revealed at E3 this year has proved hugely popular with younger Xbox gamers. Itís also true to say that Blinx has proven a great hit with female gamers.

The new version is scheduled for Quarter 4 of next year and will, from what we can gather, be more of the same, but with some of the gameplay issues ironed out.

Furthermore, Microsoft revealed that its WipeOut-a-like futuristic racer Quantum Redshift is to be awarded a second bite of the cherry. The acclaimed original will be sped up to staggering proportions and will take full use of Xbox Live, offering real-time racing.

Itís all good, so stay tuned for more as we get it.


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