Rumour: Sonic Adventure Hitting Xbox Live Arcade?

Supposed photo leaks re-release's existence.

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Rumour: Sonic Adventure Hitting Xbox Live Arcade?
A Dutch SEGA fansite has obtained a photo of a Sonic Adventure listing on the Xbox 360's Live Arcade Marketplace.

It is believed that the image is a surreptitious snap of the console's developer network. The photo highlights a Trial version of the game, along with the full title and an 'Extended Package'.

We're treating this as a rumour for now, but the fact that the original story on the Dutch website has been pulled at SEGA's request means that there could be some weight to this leaked image. It is unknown whether the Dreamcast original or the updated Gamecube version will feature, but the logo used is from the 1999 release.

If that is the case, then the 'Extended Package' could well be the additional DLC that was offered to Dreamcast owners back when Dreamarena was the talk of the town. Such content included special time attack challenges and modified Chao creatures the virtual pets you could nurture in the game.

Image Cred: SegaOnline


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