Microsoft readies Xbox Euro roll-out with production plant might

Bill's European minions set to feed our Hungar (sic).

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Microsoft readies Xbox Euro roll-out with production plant might
Microsoft’s Xbox division has declared that it will be ready for the European launch of its debut console on the 14th March 2002. The company has stated that the Flextronic European Xbox production plant, based in Sarvar, Hungary, can build as many as two full consoles per minute and is operation 24 hours a day, five days a week. Yikes!

Today is the birth of Xbox in Europe,” said Sandy Duncan, Vice President, Xbox Europe. “Thousands of consoles for the European market will be coming off the assembly line here in Sarvar. It’s a great day for Xbox in Europe and for European gamers. We’re proud that Xbox has the first video game console manufacturing facility in Europe. It enables weekly replenishment of stock for Europe from a local source. Units can be delivered anywhere in Europe within three days in a way that maps to demand patterns, and will help us ensure significant Xbox quantities for launch day and beyond. The weekly replenishments are of huge benefit to gamers - the ability to provide adequate stock replenishment means no disappointment on launch day and in the weeks to follow. Weekly replenishments also benefit European retail and third-party publishing partners, facilitating a well-executed launch, adequate stock and a smooth ramp-up in installed base.”

The plant is currently producing NTSC machines for the American market but this will change over time, as the site’s sister plant in Mexico gets up to speed.

So you want an Xbox next year, do you? Looks like you can have one, doesn’t it!


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