Exclusive: ‘Second generation’ Xbox model looms

Amazing news sees Microsoft poised to release new Xbox.

Posted by Staff
Exclusive: ‘Second generation’ Xbox model looms
We have learned that Microsoft is planning to release a new model of the Xbox hardware this year. The new revision to the Xbox came to light during frenzied bidding for the rights to produce the DVD components for the machine, for which Benq is likely to emerge victorious. For reference, Thomson, Samsung and Philips make the drives at present.

The news was leaked accidentally as Microsoft took tenders from the world’s leading electronics companies to supply core components for the new machine.

Exactly what form this new model will take is unclear. From what we know, it is likely that DVD playback will be a standard, out-of-the-box feature, though a hardware redesign isn’t out of the question.

Microsoft UK could not comment on this issue before we went to press, though it will be contacting the US for confirmation and we should have comment tomorrow.


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