Microsoft Considering 'Phone Contract Model' for Xbox 360 in UK

Waiting to see what customers think.

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Microsoft Considering 'Phone Contract Model' for Xbox 360 in UK
Fancy paying a two-year contract for your Xbox 360? Microsoft has suggested that such an initiative - which has already been announced for the US - may come to the UK too.

Microsoft's vice president of interactive entertainment in Europe, Chris Lewis, said that the company was deciding whether the subscription model - which sees customers pay $99 up front and are then charged $14.99 for 24 months - could launch across Britain and Europe.

"We'll watch it with interest, then we'll decide if it makes sense for us to expand more fully in North America, globally or by region," Lewis told VG247. "It'll be very interesting to see how it works out [in the US]. We listen to what the consumers are asking for and we experiment with different propositions in different markets.

"There are certain things we've done in Europe over the years, for example; a lot of our soft and hard bundling initiatives have ended up becoming global initiatives based on consumption patterns. The one you describe there, we'll similarly track that and see how that goes down.

"We just want to be where our consumers want us to be," he added.

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not top up! 18 Jul 2012 11:30
This sounds more like a setttop box, satellite receiver package, another part of the move into the living room by MS to be ubiquitous with a constant revenue model. As with the MMO scene wonder what happens when the players get bore of subscription payment? Would MS have to buy Flix?
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