Microsoft Clarifies Recall Issue

Following a media storm claiming that Microsoft had recalled the Xbox in Japan, the company has made a statement to clarify the issue.

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Microsoft Clarifies Recall Issue
It is worth mentioning that unlike almost every other games news source, we were about the only site to explain that there never was a recall, just a change in tactics by Microsoft in its approach to dealing with Japanese consumers.

The statement reads as follows:

ďAn apparent misinterpretation of information on a Microsoft Japan Web site resulted today in a media report of a recall of Microsoft's Xbox game console in Japan. This report is incorrect. There is no recall of Xbox in Japan or any other market.

The Xbox Japan website did report that Microsoft Customer Care Japan had received a small number of enquiries (significantly less than one percent of systems sold) from customers reporting small scratches to the outside edge of some game disks after use in the Xbox game consoles. While this is not a common occurrence, and minor scratching is primarily a cosmetic issue that does not affect performance, a positive customer experience is of the utmost importance to Microsoft. Xbox Japan responded accordingly in its statement offering to evaluate any Xbox system that a customer is concerned about. If a system needs to be repaired or replaced for any reason, Microsoft will do this immediately".

More as it breaks.


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