Final Fantasy XIII: Microsoft States the Blindingly Obvious

Committed to getting JRPGs onto Xbox 360

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Guess what? Microsoft has confirmed that it won't be releasing Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox 360.

Speaking about the success of Square Enix's 360-exclusive Infinite Undiscovery in Japan, Takashi Sensui, the man with the enviable position of being head of Xbox for Microsoft Japan, stated, “We have similar high hopes for the upcoming launch of other RPGs such as The Last Remnant, Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope and Fable II. However, we have no plans to launch Final Fantasy XIII in Japan.”

Well, firstly - wouldn't launching it be the job of Square Enix, the game's publisher? Secondly - we knew that.

Still, Sensui claims that Microsoft is committed to satisfying the hunger of 360 fans. “The recent launch of Tales of Vesperia was a true catalyst for console sales, and in order to bring more gamers from a broader segment of consumers to the Xbox 360, we need to make the strengthening of our RPG lineup a priority", he said.

Microsoft was, of course, caught out by the game's success. It sold out of consoles following the game's platform-selling success.

Source: Edge Online


SuperSaiyan4 23 Sep 2008 12:00
I think considering how well the 360 has done recently because of the JRPG's that were recently released Final Fantasy 13 should be released in Japan on the 360 as well I am sure there are 360 only owners in Japan beit very few perhaps as many may even own more than 1 console but still it will sell.
Daz 23 Sep 2008 13:06
well, they'll either have to buy a PS3 or import won't they since most PS3 games that also come out 360 (and sometimes vise versa)are region free there shouldn't be a problem
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SuperSaiyan4 23 Sep 2008 16:48
Well if the European and USA versions have Japanese language support then hopefully Japanese 360 owners can import it but thats also IF its region free.
Daz 23 Sep 2008 17:35
on a DVD? never mind the fact FF has never had multiple languages, and I doubt even the PS3 version will have multiple languages.

they'll just have to learn English (or one of the other Languages)
Joji 23 Sep 2008 20:14
Well I for one find it incredibly strange that Square would even consider not releasing FFXIII on 360 in japan. Very suspicious indeed, and they've picked the wrong time to make that decision, just when the 360 is picking up pace in japan. (I smell the stench of the Sony yen)

So why eaxctly is IU, Star Ocean etc good enough for 360, but not FFXIII? If they choose the Blu Ray excuse that's lame, since Lost Odyssey had four dvds on 360, we wouldn't really care is a 360 game came on 4 or 6 dvds. Just so long as we and those japanese get it.

One thing is clear, Play Asia and Yes Asia are gonna be doing a lot of business from japanese gamers (Infitnite Undiscovery was region free too). And just when I thought the japanese didn't like reverse importing of products.

Perhaps Spong can ask Square why no FFXIII in japan, when 360s fortunes aree changing?

On a flip side of things, I'd love to see japanese gamers embrace more western 360 games, with jrpgs as a catalyst to that.

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