Microsoft Upgrades Xbox HD spec again

More space in your Xbox. This thing just gets better.

Posted by Staff
Microsoft Upgrades Xbox HD spec again
Microsoft has decided to up the Hard Drive capacity of its upcoming Xbox console from 8GB to 10GB. The move has come following the price of hard drive storage space falling more than expected since the original spec of the machine was announced last year.

"This is yet another example of added value to the Xbox customer," said a Microsoft spokesman. "This is a spec change in a very positive direction. All of our decisions are made with gamers in mind, and in keeping with our promise to deliver three times the performance of any console.
The Xbox hard disk is now 10GB; up from 8GB previously. Though the company has tried to disassociate the Xbox from the PC, there are certain features that make sense included on a console. A hard drive would allow massive storage of game data, other media, and even entire games.


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