Microsoft Xbox 720 - Two GPUs and Blu-ray

It's... "like two PCs taped together..."

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CONFIRMED: What the Xbox 720 won't look like.
CONFIRMED: What the Xbox 720 won't look like.
According to a report in VG247, the new Xbox (aka Xbox 720 or NextBox) has been "fully detailed to some third-parties". It will be out in late 2013. It will have Blu-ray and it will have two graphic processor units (GPUs).

The GPUs, are "equivalent to AMD’s 7000 series GPUs, but (are) 'not CrossFire or SLI'". Even in a slow news period, this rumour rings authentic if previous mongering regarding AMD processors are anything to go by. Of course, it's a gullible reader (or cynical writer) who uses rumour to authenticate rumour, so our minds remain open.

Other 'details' (aka predictions or rumours) regarding the next-next generation Xbox are that:

The Xbox 720 CPU, will have “four or six” cores one of which will be reserved for Kinect and one for the OS.
The Xbox 720 will require an always-on internet connection as an anti-piracy measure.
The Xbox 720 will have the next generation of Kinect will be built into the device as standard.

Source: VG247


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whose confirmed that the XBOX 720 wont look like that?
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