Microsoft VP: Xbox 360 Price Cut On The Way

Microsoft aims at the casual gamer

Posted by Staff
Some casual-looking gamers.
Some casual-looking gamers.
The vice president of Microsoft Game Studios, Shane Kim, has said that Microsoft needs to cut the price of the 360 in order to lure in the casual gamer.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Kim said, “We need to compete effectively for that customer and part of that is getting to the mass market price point for the console... We definitely are working on that area.”

As you would expect, Kim was not forthcoming with details of when a price cut will be made.

Kim's comments fit with a number of pieces of information that have come out recently. As SPOnG told you on Monday, Darren Huston, president and CEO of Microsoft's Japanese arm has said that price cuts are an option for trying to get the 360 into more Japanese homes.

Chiming in with that are rumours suggesting that thanks to a change in its manufacturing process, Microsoft will soon be able to produce 360s at a lower price point.

Kim's comments also dovetail with those of Peter Moore, who indicated in June that Microsoft would really like your Mum to buy a 360.

Regardless of whether a 360 price cut is imminent (and SPOnG thinks we'll be seeing one in the not-too-distant future), it's at least good to know that as of August Europeans will be able to get their hands on the 360 Elite.


Joji 11 Jul 2007 14:07
What a change in the wind. MS now after the same market as Nintendo. Why is that? Lol. I know why but I never saw that coming. Perhaps the Nintendo dominance has got through to them and they'll do better this way than keeping things as they are.

I know MS'll want more people on Live, so I really think they should scrap the silver package and just have the gold as standard. It sends mixed messages by having the two, and they could have many more people online, by just having one. I feel this is clearly what's holding Live back, and they need to sort this out. Next to Wii and PS3 not having such obstacles to get online, 360's might confuse casuals.

ozfunghi 11 Jul 2007 14:19
Nothing short of pathetic.

That's what it is. A year ago, Nintendo was the laughing stock, now everybody wants to be best buddies. But what would you expect from the guy who pulled the plug on Dreamcast. Not him being a visionary, that's for sure.
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Joji 11 Jul 2007 15:00
Always funny to watch thse guys eat humble pie, they all know the taste of it. At least MS have acted quickly and I respect them for that.

Does anyone agree with ditching silver accounts for gold though?
deleted 11 Jul 2007 16:49
Softys policy if it aint working just right copy the guys who it is working for, and well i dont care as long as im getting somthing out of it!
king skins 11 Jul 2007 16:53
Joji wrote:
Does anyone agree with ditching silver accounts for gold though?

No. There calculation of total Live members include the silver accounts and not just the gold accounts. I would be interested in seeing how many of the announced 7million are gold versus silver.

Not everyone wants to play online and if you get rid of the silver accounts you are going to be cutting your market for the downloadable content that the service also offers.

Some people would like to just download new levels, theme's, music and videos. They are not going to pay £40 a year to be able to do that and then pay for the content. Live is more that just online multiplayer. Even more so with the announcement that the VOD service is coming to Europe in the Autumn, looking forward to that.
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