Grasshopper Takes To The Field with Diabolical Pitch

Suda51 remains a glorious nutter

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What will he do next? A game about coffee for the PDP-10?
What will he do next? A game about coffee for the PDP-10?
Grasshopper Manufacture's much rumoured Kinect project has finally been unveiled and it's as supremely odd as you'd expect. Diabolical Pitch combines zombie slaying with... baseball. You and a sporty mate can take on the undead using the weapons of your trade: a bat and ball.

Due for release sometime before the end of the year through Xbox Live, you pitch and swing your way through the horde. Think House of the Dead swished up with a dash of grown-up rounders. The game seems to shine with two players, especially when you learn that you can summon high powered attacks when you and your partner bump your fists together.

Sure, it's not the killer game that Kinect owners are crying out for, but it certainly looks like an entertaining enough experience. Letting Suda51 loose on the system was never going to lead to anything normal and we hope that the full game will get the haters to take a step back and at least check out the weirdness.

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