TGS: Microsoft and Square Enix Get Friendly

Companies team up for Tokyo Game Show booth partnership

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TGS: Microsoft and Square Enix Get Friendly
Microsoft and Square Enix, obviously keen to show the world how into each other they are, are holding hands for the Tokyo Game Show.

The companies will have their booths next to each other and will be working in tandem, according to Microsoft. Microsoft marketing executive, Jyoji Sakaguchi, explains - "We're going to take advantage of our booths being side-by-side, because both the Square Enix and Microsoft booths are working in tandem.

"This time around, we're putting the greatest importance in getting the largest number of visitors to play our games. At the Microsoft and the Square Enix booths, we're holding a lottery. The winner gets to go to the Square Enix booth and play... You'll have to wait to that day to see what happens. (laughs)"

Microsoft and Square have been enjoying a strengthened relationship of late - something that Microsoft sees as key to making better in-roads into Japan. Recently Square has released Infinite Undiscovery exclusively on Microsoft's console, with the real biggie being the publishing of Final Fantasy XIII on the 360, albeit not in Japan.

It's nice that they're so happy together, innit?

Source: Kotaku


deleted 8 Oct 2008 14:39
the winner gtes to play.....FFXIII?
tyrion 8 Oct 2008 18:25
haritori wrote:
the winner gtes to play.....FFXIII?

Won't that only be on PS3 at the moment? Someone didn't think that through, did they?
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