Kinect: $150 Pricing Indicators Grow

Gamestop and Amazon offer pre-order pricing.

Posted by Staff
Kinect: $150 Pricing Indicators Grow
Although Microsoft isn't talking about the price point for its motion-detecting Kinect peripheral, various e-retailers have begun offering pre-orders on the device, with a price point that might give a hint as to what we could actually be paying - $150 USD.

Gamestop was one of the first stores to ready its pre-order page, almost immediately after the Microsoft E3 press conference a few days ago. It is listing the unit for $149.99 USD. Now, Amazon has been updated to offer orders on Kinect, for the same price.

The fact that several retailers are beginning to sing from the same pricing hymn sheet could mean one of a few possibilities; at best it could simply be that Amazon looked to Gamestop's shot in the dark and followed suit, or at worst it could be a reveal of a tentative price point sent to them by Microsoft.

Now that we've noticed it though, we wonder if any of those prices (or pages, even) will be sticking around...


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