Latest Japanese sales figures make for an interesting read

All consoles see massive spike, except Xbox.

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Super Mario Sunshine - a booster for GameCube sales
Super Mario Sunshine - a booster for GameCube sales
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We have found more strangeness in the latest batch of console sales figures to come out of Japan for the week between July 15-21.

Sony’s PlayStation 2 has seen an impressive leap from 54,009 units to 98,982 with no major software releases to speak of. Nintendo’s GameCube, powered by three days of Super Mario Sunshine going on sale spiked massively, from just over 8,000 machines to a (relatively) whopping 30,750.

Game Boy Advance also saw an upturn, selling 56,537 units, over 20,000 units more than last week in a week-on-week comparison.

Unfortunately, amid this impressive upturn, Microsoft’s Xbox slipped further down the scale, managing only 2,958 sales compared to 3,218 the week before.

More sales figures coming your way soon.


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