Rumour: Pictures Of Natal Being Tested

600 phrases being used to test voice recognition.

Posted by Staff
How would you like to see Microsoft's Project Natal, close up? Well you can now enjoy these images, published by Italian website Multiplayer, that shows the peripheral working with a debug Xbox 360 unit and calibration software on Windows 7.

According to Multiplayer, the anonymous source managed to get his hands on the kit after being recruited by a company to test the hardware, manual and all.

Many people are on board to help ensure the technology works well, with a focus on voice recognition from multiple sources and angles. This testing is formed of 600 sentences, including voice commands to turn on the Xbox 360 and visit Facebook.

The website wasn't able to tell if the device pictured is a final model, or even if the product is legit - so we'll be pinning it as a rumour for now. Looks very much like a real deal to us though. What do you think? Let us know in the comments box.


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