March 2011: Xbox 360 Rules the USA... Again

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March 2011: Xbox 360 Rules the USA... Again
Although we now have to trust the platform holders to declare their USA sales figures - given that NPD now does not - we should, of course simply believe them. We've got no choice. So...

In March in 2011: Microsoft sold 433,000 Xbox 360s. It's mentioned that it outsold Wii and PlayStation 3 with this 28% life in sales compared to March 2010.

Nintendo has announced that 290,000 Wiis were sold in the USA - compare that to the 557.5k units sold in March 2010.

Sony hasn't mentioned what the PS3, PS2 or PSP sold, it did however, point out that it saw "double digit growth across hardware and peripherals.? Whether that's percentage growth or just numbers it didn't say either... you've got to hope it's the former but until Sony pipes up...


Shawn gordon 22 Apr 2011 19:42
I wonder if Microsoft will reveal how many of the units sold were replacement units...doubtful. I can't trust a console that has a Wikipedia page dedicated to it's lawsuits and technical failures.

These reports don't mean anything. Justin Beiber sold out Madison square garden, but that doesn't mean he is good, it just means he's popular.
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