Japan Hardware: Boost For All Platforms

Even the PlayStation 2.

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Japan Hardware: Boost For All Platforms
Oh, so you release the games and people will buy the hardware? It seems as if Japanese companies have figured this out at long last, as the slew of new software titles equate to significant sales increases for every platform on the Japanese Hardware Chart (26th April - 2nd May 2010, courtesy Media Create).

Home Console
PS3: 32,874 (25,629)
Wii: 30,757 (23,691)
360: 4,943 (2,214)
PS2: 1,577 (1,490)

PSP: 59,315 (28,758)
DSi LL: 25,569 (16,676)
DSi: 15,628 (10,640)
DS Lite: 4,068 (2,789)
PSP Go: 1,890 (1,544)

(Previous week's unit sales in brackets for comparison)

The boost to all consoles and handhelds couldn't have come at a better time frankly we were beginning to get worried about the strength of the industry over there, following several weeks of falling figures. It's refreshing to see the DS family finally see a large surge in sales after a continuous slump that lasted for a matter of months.

Sony's PlayStation Portable still reigns supreme though, seeing the most gains and beating the total number of DS platform sales for another week in spite of its resurgence. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker did the trick quite nicely. In the home console race, the PS3 remains ahead of the Wii this week, but sales increases for both platforms mean that the gap between them hasn't really changed.


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