Twitter on Xbox Live: Go Gold for More Than a Trial

Reign of confusion (hopefully) over

Posted by Staff
Twitter on Xbox Live: Go Gold for More Than a Trial
Microsoft's left hand, meet Microsoft's right hand. Microsoft has issued a statement clarifying that if you want Twitter as a permanent fixture of your Xbox Live experience, you will indeed have to be a Gold member.

"Facebook and Twitter on Xbox Live will be free to Gold members, with a free trial period also available for Silver members", reads a proclamation from the platform holder.

This comes after Microsoft back-peddled on a statement in its price cut announcement yesterday. The announcement told us that "Xbox LIVE Gold Membership will be required for Twitter and Facebook when they are available". A Microsoft followed up by saying that the statement was "incorrect" and Microsoft was “still formulating its plans” regarding social networking on Xbox Live.

The plans have now apparently been formulated and the initial statement in the announcement was more or less correct.


Daz 28 Aug 2009 13:42
so to use something that is free to use on a PC or PS3, you have to pay to use it for free? seriously who do they think they're trying to fool?
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