Meet the First Ever UK Gears of War 3 Player

Jon Aston gets his hands on a 40? widescreen TV for his Epic wait.

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Meet the First Ever UK Gears of War 3 Player
How dedicated do you have to be the very first person in the UK to own Gears of War 3? You have to sit in the blustery English weather for over 33 hours without anything to sit on. That?s what Jon Aston, 23, from Harrow, London did.

Jon waited outside the GAME store in London?s Oxford Street from 2:30pm on Sunday afternoon, bringing just his jacket and his bag with him. He told SPOnG that he wanted to make amends for the fact that he missed the Gears of War 3 Beta that took place some months ago.

?I was late for the Beta. I skipped it - didn?t even know it was happening,? Jon explains. ?When I realised I missed it, I made sure I was in this queue for the launch. That?s where the extra dedication came from.?

Jon has been a COG freak ever since the release of the original Gears of War back in 2006, and has been desperate for Delta Squad?s last outing. Epic?s E3 announcement that the game would be delayed last year was like a hammer to the heart. ?I was crying on the inside,? he said with a wry grin. ?I dusted off Gears 2 and played through it again as the hype built up.

?Recently the online multiplayer had only been letting Tickers out in Horde mode, and that?s when I knew something was up - that Epic were readying us for the launch. So I made my way down here.?

As the first customer in line for the game, Jon was able to grab himself a goodie bag filled with Gears merchandise, along with a themed Xbox 360 Vault case. Carlos Ferro, the voice of Dom Santiago in Epic?s latest blockbuster, took to standing on the shop?s counter to announce that Jon had won himself a 40? widescreen TV for his wait.

?It was great that Carlos Ferro came down for the UK launch,? Jon said of the voice actor?s appearance. ?There?s already a massive launch in Time Square right now, and as fans we really appreciate that someone from the game was actually able to come down to London.?

GAME has told SPOnG that it is expecting over 400 customers to walk through the doors before the Oxford Street store closes for the night.


carlos 20 Sep 2011 07:45
what do you mean first ever uk player some of us got the game on friday and saturday.

irritant 20 Sep 2011 08:32
Did you get a free 40" tv?

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