Mad Tracks Makes Tracks to Xbox Live Arcade

It's XBLA Wednesday! It's a 3D party racer!

Posted by Staff
No retro arcade goodness this week with this Wednesday’s XBLA release being Mad Tracks, a 3D racing game from Load Inc, formerly available on PC.

You can see a bunch of screens from Mad Tracks right here which features nine mini-games and six races, twelve stackable power-ups such as rockets, freezer, oil drop, and twelve different cars to choose from.

In addition to that you also get four player Xbox Live and local split-screen play options, and two free gamer pictures. The gamer pictures, for us, are the deal breaker (please take your 'sarcasm' pill now).

Try out the free demo first and if you are taken with it then Mad Tracks, can be yours for a mere 800 Microsoft Points ($10/£5) right now, with (whisper it) additional downloadable content packs to follow soon, priced at 350 Microsoft Points each, offering fifteen additional races and mini-games.


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