XBLA Weds - Guns, Puzzles And Pyramids

Luxor 2 out tomorrow on Live Arcade

Posted by Staff
Bad weather getting you down? Can't afford a holiday? Finding the wait for God of War II next week excruciating?

MumboJumbo has a solution for all those problems (and maybe a couple of others) in the form of LUXOR 2, due out on Xbox Live on Wednesday.

Last week Xbox Live offered a trip into the space age with Jetpac Refuelled, now it invites a trip back to the dawn of civilisation for some wholesome shooting and puzzle action. Here's the skinny according to MumboJumbo:

“In the second installment of the No. 1 casual game of 2005, “LUXOR 2” from MumboJumbo, players travel through 88 exquisitely detailed and explosive levels shooting and destroying the magical balls that threaten the pyramids at the end of their paths. Players can earn up to 15 exciting power-ups, play through four distinct levels of difficulty, challenge themselves to a total of 13 bonus rounds and work their way up through the new 100-level player ranking system. Also, unique to the Xbox Live Arcade version is a new arcade-style mode of play called the Pharaoh’s Challenge.

“LUXOR 2” also is the recent winner of the Zeeby’s Craft Awards for Best Audio 2006 and Best Visual Arts 2006.

So there you have it. LUXOR 2's available for 800 Microsoft Points as of 9am Wednesday morning.


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