Wii Dominates Japanese Sales as PlayStation 3 Goes Missing

Nothing from SCE or MS in games top ten

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Wii Dominates Japanese Sales as PlayStation 3 Goes Missing
Nintendo's had another bumper week in Japan, with 8 of the Top 10 titles exclusives for their platforms.

Wii Sports (which doesn't come bundled with the console in Japan) and Wii Play occupy Numbers 5 and 6 respectively, whilst six DS titles occupy the Top 10. It's also a strong week for Nintendo's home-grown offerings, with six Nintendo-published titles in the Top 10.

Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas slips from the top spot to Number 4. It's replaced by Sega's J-League Pro Soccer 5, another PS2 title.

Nary a PS3 nor 360 title is to be seen in the Top 10. The absence of 360 titles is no surprise with the console barely having gained a foothold there. Sony might be starting to rub its coffers together in angst, however.

Earlier this week Enterbrain, publishers of Japanese mag Famitsu has announced figures showing the Wii console outselling the PS3 by nearly 3-1 in January. The Wii racked up 405,000 sales with Sony only managing around 148,000.

Should Sony be worried about Japan? Answers below, please.

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PreciousRoi 9 Feb 2007 10:48
AFAIK the only game for PS3 worth owning is Resistance, which looks brilliant, so why isn't it there?

Not Japaneese enough? heh.

Still, at least the BluRays are selling, for now...mebbe some hentai or bukkake HDDVDs would push more 360's there...
majin dboy 9 Feb 2007 12:13
i love a good bit of bukkake.sloppy.
schnide 9 Feb 2007 12:49
majin dboy wrote:
i love a good bit of bukkake.sloppy.

Do you get off on being surrounded by so many guys at once or just not being able to open your own eyelids?
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