Mizuguchi Wants Games To Make You Stoned

New Every Extend Extra sequel on the way?

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Tetsuya Mizuguchi - hide your children.
Tetsuya Mizuguchi - hide your children.
Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the luminary behind Rez and Every Extend Extra Extreme, wants games to make you stoned.

Lock up your children, folks, because here's what he told SPOnG in a recent interview:

"There’s a big part to play for the multimedia aspect of gaming, and I feel that gameplay should be fed via graphical and aural technique – so players should relax, settle back in their chairs, have mushroom-gazed faces… (laughs)."

That's right. Games should be like the un-wholesome kind of mushroom that are eaten by certain debaucherous citizens.

He also had a few choice words about a possible further Every Extend Extra sequel. Speaking about the challenges of making the last game, he said:

Tetsuya Mizuguchi: We were trying to find some more ideas to make the gameplay more unique too, but I guess that’s a challenge we will leave for an E5 perhaps…

SPOnG: What, like Every Extend Extra Extreme… Extraordinary?

Tetsuya Mizuguchi: (The translator, Kyoko, jokingly suggests ‘Every Extend Extra Extreme E’) Yes, maybe Every Extend Extra Extreme E! [laughs] We would have to think about that.

Keep your eyes on SPOnG for the full interview right here.


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