PlayStation 3 Sales Double In Japan

DS and Wii sales drop

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PlayStation 3 Sales Double In Japan
The PS3's sales have taken a huge leap in Japan, more than doubling the numbers from the previous week.

The latest Media Create data shows that during the week ending July 30th the PS3 sold 28,829, compared to 12,187 the week before.

Once again the DS leads the way, selling 150,494. That is a drop, however, of just under 4,000 sales. The Wii similarly sheds some sales for the second week in a row, dropping from 86,786 to 77,169 but continuing to be the second best selling hardware platform. The PSP is next, followed by the PS2, with the 360 trailing as ever at the back with 3,872 sales.

The PS3's sales have no doubt been helped by the Japanese release on July 26th of a value bundle featuring Hot Shots Golf 5 (A.K.A. Everybody's Golf or Minna no Golf 5.

Below is the charts listing in full:

DS Lite: 150,494
Wii : 77,169
PSP: 35,068
PS3: 28,829
PS2: 11,757
Xbox 360: 3,872
GB Micro: 263
GBA SP: 228
GC: 102
DS: 90
GBA: 41


Joji 3 Aug 2007 13:53
Might have something to do with the price cuts. As PS3 games begin to build, more might get onboard. We'll have to wait and see if it can maintain those numbers.

Gimme a woop and wave that Sony flag...yeah! Lol.
headcasephil 3 Aug 2007 18:03
i think its just that people are finally see the potential of the hard were (the price drop helps) but with home on its way good games on the way and the fact that blu ray films are doing well helps. but like i have been saying for a bit sony hard ware all ways takes a bit to get going
deleted 3 Aug 2007 21:29
great, but ill get excited for sony when software available doubles.
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