Japan Hardware Sales: Xbox 360 Slim Sells 700 Units

Only 700 units sold in its first week.

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Japan Hardware Sales: Xbox 360 Slim Sells 700 Units
The Japanese Hardware Chart for the week (6th - 12th September 2010, courtesy Media Create) mirrors the slump of its Video Game sibling, as a lack of software sales has resulted in the same for many of the platforms listed below.

The Xbox 360 S model was released in Japan this week, but according to Media Create sales were around 700 units just under 20% of its overall hardware contribution. Nevertheless, the new slim model helped the console beat previous week's sales, so that's a plus. The only other platforms to do the same were the DSi LL and DS Lite handhelds.

Home Console
PS3: 19,907 (22,227)
Wii: 15,031 (16,080)
360: 2,915 (2,860)
PS2: 1,363 (1,370)

PSP: 30,761 (34,839)
DSi LL: 19,076 (18,929)
DSi: 16,345 (16,968)
DS Lite: 4,328 (4,039)
PSP Go: 809 (927)

(Previous week's unit sales in brackets for comparison)

The Tokyo Game Show is still in effect can any of the announcements made there ignite any console sales? Microsoft's making a big push for Kinect if the S model barely made a dent in overall hardware sales, the motion-sensing device could be the last hardware play it has in the region.


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