UK Gets Xbox TV Consolation Prize

Zone of the Enders videogame-to-anime classic and new Guyver on DVD

Posted by Staff
Remember when Microsoft announced its Xbox Live TV service for the states? Remember when we told you that it was getting a content boost from, among others, anime specialist ADTV? Remember that it's still not happened?

Well there's some good news... while Microsoft might be leaving us out in the cold, ADTV isn't. Jumping ahead of the launch of Xbox TV over here, the company's launching Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor vol.1 - Days Of Future Past on Monday.

Guyver is available for download to own and download to rent from Vizumi, Empire and LOVEFiLM.

Those of you who don't remember Guyver should cast your minds back to the '80s when you were watching Thundercats but you had that one cool mate who was into Japanese cartoons that were for, like, grown-ups.

That mate was probably watching Guyver. It's about a chap called Sho (isn't that the name of Harry Potter's girlfiend?) who finds himself wrapped up in corporate nastiness when he comes across some techno-organic armour called (you guessed it) 'Guyver'. This latest instalment is all-new and (a little bizarrely, perhaps) features music from Hip Hop and Soul label, TBRL Music.

In other videogame-to-anime news, ADV has also recently released Zone of the Enders Complete Collection (available now on DVD for a piffling 59.99) - a must-get for any true Hideo Kojima completist.


Joji 30 May 2007 17:50
Now this is what I'm talking about, anime on my 360. I'm glad ADV are getting their stuff online at last. With my tiny 20gb drive I'll have to invest in dvds instead though.

Check out channel 195 on your Sky hud, for more anime on tv, from June 3rd.

RiseFromYourGrave 31 May 2007 00:55
is that the remake series? there are some immortal fights and scenes which werent exactly recreated in the remake, but in the remake you get to see much further into the manga's storyline than the original series shows. take the rough with the smooth

death to the Zoanoid scum
Joji 31 May 2007 13:28
Yeah, this is the new Guyver remake, which ADV helped fund. A damn good thing too, because the manga is superb stuff, but still amazingly on hiatus in America. Think there's about 25-28 volumes of it out in japan so far.

How many did we get in english in America? A miserable seven volumes. A fraction of the story, which gets much better later on.

I pray ADV will keep pushing the Guyver for a second season and further, perhaps then we might even see a cool Guyver game. Now, that would be awesome.

This is great for 360 owners, ADV might possibly let you download the first ep for free (like they sometime do in the U.S).
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