Halo 3: Chief Of The Living Dead

Bungie gets freaky for Halo-ween

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Halo 3: Chief Of The Living Dead
In case you hadn't noticed the token girl on the bus dressed in combat gear (and looking like a stripper): it's Halloween. To celebrate, Bungie is releasing a limited-time-only ranked playlist for Halo 3 going by the name of 'Infection'.

The word here is 'zombies'. Bungie tells us:

"Infection is this really great gametype, inspired by a custom game devised by our community in Halo 2, which we added official support for in Halo 3. In Infection, most players start off on a Human team, with one or more players starting off as Zombies. The odds are stacked heavily against the Zombies at first, but when a Human is killed by a Zombie (as they inevitably are), they join the Zombie team and turn on their former teammates."

Intrigued? If you are, you might want to bunk off work early to get playing, because the playlist is a 27 hours only affair and will only be up until 3:00am tomorrow PST, or 10:00am to us Brits.

The reason, Bungie tells us, is that "Infection is a lot of fun when everyone is into it, but we don?t think it would make a good playlist long term, so it?s going to come and go."

Now might be a good time to put a call in to your HR department. Your bottom's feeling a bit runny, isn't it...?

Should you happen to be one of the few 360 owners not already in possession of Halo 3 you can get the full skinny over on SPOnG's dedicated game page.


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