Rumour: Free-to-Play Xbox Live Games on the Way

Microsoft reportedly jumping on the microtransaction bandwagon.

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Rumour: Free-to-Play Xbox Live Games on the Way
Microsoft could be planning to make a move into the free-to-play gaming space using the Xbox 360's Live service - that's according to a 'trusted source' at IGN that suggests that console gamers will soon be able to enjoy 'freemium' content.

The idea is to allow developers and publishers to release games through Xbox Live for free, while offering additional content (weapons, experience points, in-game currency) for a sum of Microsoft Points. The setup has worked extremely well for many PC-based MMORPGs and browser games on social networking websites in the past.

Microsoft has already sniffed at the whole affair, stating only that it "does not comment on rumors or speculation," but IGN notes that Kinect Joyride was originally made to be a free-to-play game for Xbox Live Gold and Free members. Perhaps the concept was just not ready for prime time.

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Ur mums minge 13 Apr 2011 16:59
sounds good
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