Xbox @ E3 2011 - Events - Hosts 'Activision Party' + Forza 4

Lots of things to see and do...

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Xbox @ E3 2011 - Events - Hosts 'Activision Party' + Forza 4
With Sony preparing for damage limitation and hopefully to do good things with the PSP NGP at E3, and with Nintendo expected to reveal 'Wii HD' or at least rename 'Project Cafe', Microsoft has now shown some of its hand with the new Xbox @ E3 2011 schedule.

According to the new web page (here) the running order is:

Monday June 6th:
- Gaming Q&A: Catch talks with Cliffy B, developer of the epic Gears of War series, and Kinect creative director Kudo.
- Xbox Games Showcase: Gamers go wild as we check out all the demos and footage from this year’s must-have titles.
- Activision Party - Brace yourself for an evening hosted by Activision, publishers of the adrenaline-pumping Call of Duty series.

Tuesday June 7th:
- From the Floor: Game developers including legendary creator of the Fable series Peter Molyneux will be hanging out at the Xbox E3 booth

- Gears of War 3: Calling all COGs: bring the fight to the Locust Horde as we jump chainsaw-first into the Gears of War 3 event!

Tuesday June 7th:
- Forza 4: Petrol-heads rejoice as we bring you all the motor sporting reveals from the FORZA 4 event.

We've got Svend and Chris heading off to E3 for live reports - so stay tuned. Tweet them directly or email us at with what you'd like to see from the coverage.


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