Microsoft Coy on Next Xbox E3 Announcement

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Microsoft Coy on Next Xbox E3 Announcement
Microsoft was asked at the Consumer Electronics Show whether it will actually unveil its next Xbox console at E3 this year. Did it spill the beans? Of course not! Senior director of marketing and PR, Jose Pinero, said (not untruthfully) that "at the moment we have nothing to announce."

Rumours have been slowly stacking up that suggest the company is most definitely preparing a next-generation announcement, but the comment from Pinero does nothing to discredit those rumours. It is true that, at this very moment in time (i.e. today), there is nothing to announce. But in June, Microsoft might have plenty to talk about.

Watch the brief interview with Gamespot below, where Pinero speaks the same corporate guff about Kinect 'extending the lifespan of the console' or whatever.



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