Microsoft 'Frenemy' Enables Xbox 360 Games on iPhone

New technology can port XNA code over to Apple's phone.

Posted by Staff
Microsoft 'Frenemy' Enables Xbox 360 Games on iPhone
Microsoft plans to release games that can be played on a PC, Xbox 360 and the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series, using a system that takes advantage of the XNA developer framework. But collaborator and legal opponent Novell is creating a new system that will easily translate those cross-platform games over to the iPhone.

The move will beat Microsoft at its own game by introducing cross-platform mobile titles well before Windows Phone 7 is introduced sometime next year. By also taking advantage of the Xbox 360 games roster - most likely limited to its Live Arcade and Indie titles - a unique selling point of Windows Phone 7 is at risk.

Novell showed off an open source version of the Indiana Jones game Microsoft demonstrated at a previous event. On the iPhone, it was an example of how the XNA framework could be ported to Apple's multi-touch device.

A further demonstration of the technology is expected later today. A similar system for Android phones is also in the works, but is still in early development.


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