Sony Concurs With Microsoft - Wii Will Back up PS3

Phil Harrison and Peter Moore - Wii agree.

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Sony Concurs With Microsoft - Wii Will Back up PS3
Sony's Phil Harrison has gone on record to state that, "I think Peter Moore is exactly right. I think Nintendo will be the second system consumers purchase after PlayStation 3," in a recent interview with

Harrison went on to say, "I haven't had a chance to check out the Wii myself, but Nintendo has a great history of innovation and has always done great things for gaming and long may they do so. But as it relates to our strategy they are very much in a different market."

Harrison's comments follow on from a statement made last week by Microsoft's Peter Moore, when discussing the PS3's controversial pricing policy. You can read about that story right here on SPOnG.

To recap, Moore bullishly asserted last week: "Tell me why you would buy a US$600 PS3?...People are going to buy two [consoles]. They're going to buy an Xbox and they're going to buy a Wii ... for the price of one PS3."

Whilst Nintendo merely wowed the crowds with Wii at E3 last week, with some of the longest queues to play on a system in the history of the show, it seems that Sony and Microsoft are having to bicker amongst themselves in order to put in place some form of strategic partnership with Nintendo - at least in the eyes of gamers, who they seem to assume will buy one of their 'next gen' PS3 or 360 systems first, followed by the 'new gen' Wii second.

Firstly, we have to put Microsoft's position and Moore's comments into perspective. Since even the lower priced PS3 pack still includes a 20GB hard drive, there is a US$100 difference between this and the HDD-equipped Xbox 360. Whilst the final price of Wii is still to be confirmed, it is widely believed that it is going to be priced at around $250.

Nintendo's Perrin Kaplan weighed into the debate on what the hardcore gamer will want, in an interview over on Engadget, having the following to say about the type of gamer who will buy into both 360 and Wii, which is: "...a hardcore gamer who really wants a plethora of ways to pick from, someone who really wants to spend a lot of time gaming."

Though Kaplan was also quick to reinforce the Nintendo party line, adding: "I do think the casual gamers that we are expanding into will own only one, and it will be ours."

The success of the PS3 is increasingly tied to the uptake of Sony's much-vaunted Blu-Ray player. And whilst it's clear that initial demand for PS3 amonst the so-called early adopters will ensure that the console is going to be playing hard to get this coming Christmas, its long-term success is far from secure.

Let us know what next/new gen purchases you plan to make this coming Christmas, and - crucially - why in the forums below.


spongfan 16 May 2006 20:13
Seems like both companies are desperate. They are in awe of the mighty Wii! Why would anyone in their right mind dump over $300 on any system when you can buy a new PC for $300? I'll wait and see what games come out for said systems first since it's all about the games not the systems, pay $600 for a system with no good games and feel stupid, no thanks.

So far Zelda, Metroid and Mario are looking good and you know Nintendo will not release anything until they feel it is perfect, compare that to other software companies that dump junk games out as fast as possible to make a buck.

$250 for a Wii is a decent deal, still a Wii bit pricey but not compared to the other overpriced systems.
warbaby 17 May 2006 00:06
Wow... Everyone is really jumping on the Nintendo bandwagon. Sony a bit more, actually taking part of the bandwagon themselves, but still. But yet again, Nintendo is counted out of the console race. The others think they are the king and that Nintendo has some "good ideas", but just aren't good enough to cut it. Ninty revived console gaming, they're not tools.

I'm buying a Wii, plain and simple. The 360 and PS3 offer me nothing that my two year old computer can't. Granted it's getting old, but it still pumps out the visuals.

I want to have fun, but I don't want to have to donate a kidney to do so. 250 bucks?... Doesn't seem so bad, I'll be treating myself to a nice Christmas... er... "Holiday Season" this year.
jwstacey 17 May 2006 11:14
personally I'm bustin' for a Wii. Nintendo know their games and they know their gamers. People will be wowed into the graphics of the 360 and the PS3 (not sure they will be wowed by the PS3 price point) but Nintendo is the only choice for real games (IMNSHO). Would I get a PS3 or 360 as my second console ? Possibly I'd get a PS3 second hand a few years down the line (middle of the product run console with Sony, new enough to have the bugs ironed out but old enough not to have had all the parts replaced with cheaper alternatives)
Wii will rock you!
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