Xbox Online Projections – Microsoft Announces Plan

Looks like the middle of 2002 for Xbox broadband.

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Xbox Online Projections – Microsoft Announces Plan
Speaking (clearly this time) at another press conference in Japan yesterday, Microsoft General Manager Richard Belluzzo offered some projections relating to when the Xbox will officially debut online.

Belluzzo said that the deal made with NTT Communications to provide broadband support to the Xbox should bear fruit in around six months time. Reluctant to give a date, he said that current development projections put the launch at about June of next year.

“As we agreed, we will focus our alliance on online gaming,” Hirohisa Oura, Managing Director in charge of Xbox Operations at Microsoft's Japan unit told the same news conference. “And we have said we will start online services for the Xbox six months after its launch in the United States, and the same can be said for Japan.”

No mention of the European online strategy was made.


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